Liz Truss elected new Tory leader. Here are 5 things businesses can expect from the new Prime Minister.

5 Sept 2022

The former Foreign Secretary will succeed Boris Johnson as Britain's next prime minister after beating Rishi Sunak, it was announced today. Ex-Prime Minister Borris Johnson will leave Downing Street later this week after a three-year premiership overwhelmingly defined by the failure of his government to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Below we'll discuss the possible implications for business the new PM might bring as she steps into office.

Liz Truss New PM

Cost of living crisis

The new Prime Minister has outlined her plan to deal with the energy crisis putting in place a £150bn bailout package and capping the household energy bill at £2500 a year for the next two years. Businesses will receive equivalent support under a scheme lasting six months, with ongoing support for vulnerable industries.

Many businesses may find that the rise in energy costs has resulted in their customers extending payment dates as they struggle to meet operational costs or wait to gather the funds to pay for orders. 

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One of the biggest problems for  SMEs is the rapid rise in inflation, hitting a 40-year high of 10.1% in July. Truss has argued that the Bank of England needs to do more to tackle inflation and that the government should be more rigid on monetary supply and higher interest rates which, despite helping to bring the rate of inflation down, could also discourage consumer spending.

If you as a business are currently struggling with inflation or feel that your business will struggle if cost continues to rise, you might consider getting finance to bridge the gap or to maintain healthy cash flow levels. 

For example, working capital finance is a type of business finance designed to boost the working capital available to a business. Working capital loans are generally, over a short or medium term, designed to raise cash or to go after new opportunities. 

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Despite voting remain in the 2016 referendum, Ms Truss has assured party members that she can "be trusted" with Brexit. In a move the new PM claims as "one of her major achievements in government", the former Foreign Secretary was crucial in getting the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill introduced in June. 

As PM, Truss has promised to scrap or replace EU laws that she deems hold back the economy. She has said she would trigger Article 16 as one of her first acts in power. This move could negatively impact SMEs' trading with Europe if the EU triggers retaliatory action against the UK.

Should such a situation arise, SMEs might find it more manageable and safer to have a bit more working capital at the ready. Whether for tendering contracts or securing your cash flow to pay operational costs, you might need to secure extra funds to see you through the coming months.

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Business rates 

Truss has signalled that she would look at reforming business rates and that should she win, she would be planning an emergency mini-budget within her first month, weighing up a cut to these rates (amongst others).

However, suppose your business is already suffering from the business rates tax. In this case, you might consider freeing up some of the capital in your premises, effectively ensuring that the property 'pays for itself through asset refinancing, pledging the property as an 'asset' to secure a loan, with the property then becoming collateral. 

Once the principal amount and any fees and interest are repaid, ownership of the asset is returned free and clear. Buildings, land, unsold stock, plant machinery and equipment can all be used in asset finance. Because the loan is secured by collateral, costs are typically lower than other types of business finance.

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Corporation Tax

Earlier this month, the new Prime Minister pledged not to bring in any new taxes and to scrap a planned rise in corporation tax - set to increase from 19% to 25% in 2023

With January fast approaching, and with it, the taxman, businesses who aren't aware of their funding options will suffer the most. We all know paying off tax bills takes a considerable chunk out of your coffers, and it's never something business owners look forward to. However, it's essential to manage these payments year-on-year (or quarter-on-quarter) whilst maintaining a comfortable level of working capital to keep your business ticking over. A tax loan can help you spread the cost of your obligations to HMRC into affordable monthly payments.

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Next steps: How can Funding Options help?

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